Best Textsheet Alternative for Students Homework Solutions 2021

Textsheet Alternative
Textsheet Alternative

There are a handful of best Textsheet alternatives that we recommend for you. was a useful and handy site for the students and teachers to take homework assignments and find textbook answers easily. It operates like a search engine of an academic encyclopedia for all majors and grades.

Unfortunately, it is no longer in service; this is why many students have a rough time finding legit alternative websites like textsheet. Here we see some alternatives that may help in solving and learning various courses and finding appropriate solutions for homework assignments.

Textsheet Alternative

It was a top-rated, most visited educational platform for teachers and students to complete academic projects on time. It gathers information about questions from other media with databases. The Text sheet does not have any vast high-end database on its own. In actuality, it acts as a search engine for all academic services.

Work as a combined source of educational material or data provided from other sources. It combines results with all the information it takes from different sources and delivers it as straightforward as possible for its users with less effort.

It is a reliable source of online academic answers intuitively, simplicity, and versatility for a wide range of educational data for all US study programs. Textsheet view homework and textbook solutions on student search and provide litanswers and Chegg answers free.

It helps in solving homework, assignments, solutions, and other academic papers. It offers all the services of providing the leading school and college textbook solutions & answers for reading free of cost.

Which makes it a dedicated leading academic helper site on the web as a litanswers alternative—good service delivered for a long time help and solved many educational problems with dedication.

What happened to the website?

Because of the Copyright Infringement Case (DCMA) filed against the site by Chegg Corporation. It makes it impossible for the site to remain intact and provide such a service. The creator of the text sheet, “Sultan,” elaborates on this situation. There are few similar websites like Litanswers been hit with a DMCA by Chegg for copyright infringement of reproducing answers.

This unfortunate news lets students and other users into a panic, and they desperately start searching for good Textsheet alternatives. The list we provide is the best option for finding a similar service to Textsheet. We are confident that our list has the best essentials to help you will all the Textbook assignments, homework, and papers, for learning and educating.

Top 14 Best Textsheet Alternative in 2021

After the downfall of the Textbook, people search for Textsheet alternatives deliberately for legit Independent websites like textsheet for online education that helps them find answers to pertinent questions posed in their course material. For that purpose, here are our top 14 best textsheet alternatives in 2020 that serve all educational solutions online.

1. Slader

Textsheet Alternative

Slader is an independent alternative of textsheet with millions of syllabus of educational content in its database. It offers services of providing all grades academic solutions for the college and high school plus students. Currently, it is a top-rank academic website in the US with many schools and college students like this platform and finds it closest to the textsheet alternatives.

Students use it as a tool for solving all subject’s assignments and homework daily. The Slader gives answers to query educational problems on the bases of the USA syllabus contain all majors and courses. They also expand the site with even more content for international level major degree programs.

They have all subjects and programs in their basic version that anyone can access Slader for high school free of cost. But for the other grades like highschool plus or college programs, Slader subject matter experts provide you all the best answers to your most challenging textbook problems with complete college textbook solutions with a fee.

The premium plans let you access their verified experts to help you with step-by-step solutions with live chat assistance. You can also upgrade to their premium account for tutors’ services. It provides all the best solutions and answers from different professionals of your subject matter.


2. Course Hero

Course Hero
Course Hero

Coursehero is a verified educator platform for providing a practical solution to homework problems and solving different study issues. It has a wide variety of syllabus textbooks and notes from the contributors from all over the world. They help with over 40 million courses specific study material around the globe countable to all majors programs.

It is the best textsheet alternative with a massive database of study resources. Students can download their textbooks and notes from various other countries as study-specific help. Coursehero is now adding new textbooks every single week for different study problems with 24/7 Tutor assistance.

It is a handy platform for students in different time zones with easy study guide videos. The site is well organized for discovering course notes and practice problems solutions quickly. It has all the answers for primary textbooks following the US school curriculum. The major program courses include Biology, Finance-Business, Economics, Psychology, ACC-Accounting data, Commerce, and Maths.

For school courses, students can directly search by School Name and by entering the Course Name. It is effortless to use an academic site for students of all matters and find quick answers with explanations. Usually, the platform is free to use, but for better results, premium service requires at least $9.95 a month.


3. Chegg


Chegg is a top-rank academic platform in the US with almost all subjects query solutions. It is the most recommended textbook alternative in 2020 with 24/7 homework assistance services. One of the most trusted platforms by college students because of personal tutor help in Maths courses.

If you know textsheet, you probably heard or read about DCMA takedown of textsheet by Chegg Corporation. It is the same platform where textsheet gathers answers for your queries, which results in copyright infringement. Chegg is a tremendous website that is not only an online learning educator platform for education solutions but also a retailer of textbooks.

You can try Chegg for experts Q&A, textbook solution, and a video explanation of practical problems. Chegg has a monthly subscription plan for $14.95 with all the premium features. It contains a plagiarism checker feature for assignments papers online. Chegg math solver to help you out with all mathematical problems with a snap pic of your homework problems and tutor service help with any subject problems with practical solutions.

The price is more than many other services out there, but it is the service that matters. It saves time and money with a massive database of textbooks solutions that users get access to step-by-step textbook and homework solutions quickly. Chegg Study package contains scholarship matching future for free scholarships to your study program.


4. Studylib


studylib stands for a study library, offers a vast collection of textbooks and solutions on the web. It may be an excellent alternative to textsheet for its unique “flashcard explorer” functions. Organize and share your educational materials as a great medium to get most questions answers and assignments solutions.

It provides the easiest way to learn faster and retain knowledge longer by applying cognitive science research. This technique speeds up the studying process as efficiently as humanly possible with repetition.

They have unique flashcards with custom images and audio that improve your learning process with a spaced repetition planner within the most extensive community-driven educational library.

It is an excellent source for writing notes and making project assignments online. If you want to share your answers and solution to help others, you can do that with the share function or saved in Studylib servers. This way, other users view your notes and find answers to their homework, and you can also view your messages anytime.

LINK TO Studylib:

5. Quizlet


Quizlet is for getting through exams and enjoy studying with joy. It is one of the top-ranked learning platforms for students of various program courses revision and quizzes. It is different from the text sheet, but it is a good prep platform for all levels of programs.

It has notes for all subjects with a combination of fun games to keep you engage in learning. Quizlet has o


ne of the extensive collections of study resources of course notes for revision. It helps you learn languages and vocabulary on the go with their app you can find on your smartphone Appstore.

Ideal for students/teachers who want a tool for easy preparation of courses with flashcards. Quizlet allows users can add up their notes and turn them into Quizlet flashcard for testing knowledge.

The platform has its tutors that guide students in their everyday learning with a collection of study set mods—a handy platform for preparing quizzes and exams with consolidating knowledge.

Users can search for subjects and areas of interest through the given collection for the study. The expert guidance requires paying for tutoring your subject and for fully confident answers so you can learn and boosts your grades quickly.


6. Crazy For Study

CrazyForStudy is another website like a textsheet as an alternative for more than one resemblance. It is the platform of academic subject matter to help students solve their homework and assignments quickly. It provides a stepwise solution to over 50 million textbook queries.

A huge database that students can access a variety of academic disciplines quickly. It has various useful handy features for students to take care of your college assignments with tutors on pay. That can solve tasks with a satisfaction level of high-quality service at your request.

There are millions of details solutions for your textbook problems you can find on CFS. Stepwise textbook solutions with a critical manual for a variety of academic programs.

For homework solutions, it provides a Q&A session with the ISBN of your Textbook explanatory course-specific quality answers straight away. For more specific and advanced help, there is a subscription plan of $7 a month.

Which leads you to unlimited Q&A of the textbook solution, homework, and assignment help with over 50 questions every month without any extra charge. The service covers all majors and has the option for book search for either relative to course or out of time.


7. College Board

It is another learning platform for preparing SAT tests and other entry tests for college admission. Students like this platform for quickly preparing their exams with quizzes. It is a particular study design platform for the preparation of different examinations and academic tests.

The student will appreciate Collegeboard for an ideal learning solution for math, calculus, physiology, physics, history, and chemistry subjects. It is a globally recognized platform for academic organizations of the world’s leading colleges and schools.

If you are looking for a homework solution, it does not have a vast collection of textbooks and assignments notes. But it is specifically designed for the preparation of SAT exams with course guides online collaborate with over 6000 educational organizations worldwide.


8. Skooli

The best textsheet alternative with top tier educational database with proper tutor service for all high school and college courses. It is the destination of many students who are long term users of now find Skooli a helpful tool for their homework and assignments.

Skooli has many experts for different courses provide online video chat solution of your practical problems regarding the subject. It offers a wide range of textbook solutions to your subject area and improves your grades overall course.

It is an excellent provider for private tutor service for students struggling in any subject matter. It allows you to choose a personal tutor for your subjects and connect with them via online video chat.

Skooli tutor service is the best in experience and qualifications and delivers satisfaction level Assitance to their students. It cost you $0.85 per minute only for tutoring time you receive from a personal tutor. They guide through exams, different class tests, and help in completing assignments instantly.


9. Spark Notes

SparkNotes says no fear Shakespeare, their new animated graphic novel/textbook makes it easier to understand Shakespeare. It is an online learning platform, providing textbooks and homework assistance services to US students.

Sparknotes is the right candidate for our list of top best textsheet alternatives. It provides assist in varieties of subject matters includes Biology, Biography, Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Poetry, Sociology, US Government and Politics, Economics, History, Chemistry, and many others.

The SparkNotes platform features many advanced features for understanding course books and learns quotes from famous writers. It guides students through quizzes and test retention skills and helps improve their writing skills.

It is a popular tool among high school students who need help in answers related to literature, poetry homework. It is the quality services with engaging content and solutions to summaries.

Their comprehensive guides include syllabus context, quotes, and other essays on Shakespeare to understand his plays and poems. They have the most accurate, useful guides to classic and contemporary literature comprehension notes.


10. Coursera

Coursera is the king of this list of free textsheet alternatives with professional-level courses and carrier helping services. It is a beautiful online learning platform found by Stanford graduates who make learning easy for everyone.

The platform has over 4000 online courses on its own and serves tutor services for researchers in practical programs. For Ph.D. students, this is an excellent platform for research papers and building a new carrier.

Coursera has different courses for beginners to advanced learners. They provide online Degrees in AI and Computer Science with a membership of about $40 a month. You can get a decent course for a small fee as it teaches you through good services.


14. Paper Help

Paperhelp offers services like a text sheet and serves the community with a great learning platform. Help you get your college paper with full assistance from scratch.

It has a custom paper writing service for high school essays and assignments. You can say that it is for lazy students to have a rough time writing school assignments and papers.

This service helps them out with writing papers in correct high-quality, plagiarism-free solutions. Slightly different from Textsheet alternatives, it has a wide variety of subjects that you choose to select a unique article of choice.

It helps solve the problematic queries of various subjects. This approach saves time and finds solutions without any effort, making it not an ideal platform but still on the list for help.



In our opinion, these are the best alternative of Textsheet with a little bit of resemblance as an educational platform. Slader, Chegg, Studylib, and Course Hero are our favorites for standard solutions with quick responses. The experts are helpful and find most answers with simple guides. You can solve all your high school and college queries in no time with these useful websites.