How to Unlock Amazon Account in 2020 Easy Recover Guide for Freezed Account

How to Unlock Amazon Account
How to Unlock Amazon Account

How to unlock Amazon account, my Amazon account is locked what should I do to unfreeze my account. It is the question you are asking and here is our guide for unfreezing amazon blocked accounts. If your account is a lock for security purposes, then this guide will help you with steps to unlock your Amazon account.

How to Unlock Amazon Account

Amazon can lock sellers or drop shipper accounts because of any suspicion. It can be temporary, or permanent freezing depends on their policy of handling the situation. The only way to unlock your account is by contacting the Amazon official account specialist.

There are different reasons for the account ban. The reason for your account ban could be on this list. The usual reason for account freeze is a lack of information that ends up accounts freezing by Amazon authorities.

If your account information is genuine and real, this could bring back your account quickly. Real information accounts are considered secure and recoverable from this situation, and they are arguable.

The recovery process takes almost two weeks to unlock your account from amazon though it depends on the Amazon account handler to process it urgently or delay. By the way, the process needs you to be calm and wait for it to store your account.

Reasons get Amazon Account Locked.

Many certain and uncertain things become a reason for your Amazon account lock. Some drop shippers say Amazon hates with drop shippers and often made policies against them.

In reality, Amazon receives millions of dollars of profit from drop shippers and sellers. They make sales with the Amazon brand name and also give a profit margin to Amazon.

These are some of the mistakes or reasons for Amazon Account Lock, Freeze, or Removed.

 1. Lack of Information or Wrong Information

It is the pretty common reason for account lock. Typically sellers lie about the different things when creating an Amazon account. Which eventually leads to account freezing and then completely locked from Amazon.

To overcome such a situation, you have to provide truthful information on Amazon. That is Real Name, Real Shipping Address, and Real Billing Address.

Because most of the time, Amazon monitors drop shippers and sellers. If they found any abnormal activity, they froze the account or paralyzed from the platform.

2. Credit Card Issues

The second common thing for suspicion is credit card verification. If you have the same in credit card details and your details fill in the account. It will be easy for Amazon to reconnect your account with all the eCommerce activities.

But if you have entered different information into the account as compared to a credit card, it won’t be easy. Amazon cross-checks sellers billing addresses on account details with credit card information.

If you have provided the exact match information of your card with the default address of your registered Amazon account will be unlocked.

3. Amazon Gift Card Unhealthy Usage 

Unhealthy usage of gift cards may lead you on edge. As an Amazon seller, you are allowed to redeem gift cards of a specific limit. Saving a large number of gift cards is unusual fro Amazon.

In such a situation, Amazon wants to verify your reasons because of specific policies for gift cards. Gift cards are top-rated among sellers and buyers because it provides them with discounts from the purchase amount of things they buy from Amazon.

Gift cards benefit drop shippers, and Amazon is trying to prevent reselling of their gift cards. Any use of gift cards is under suspicion and will become the cause of the account lock.

Newcomers keep away from gift cards for some time. Take some time to adjust on the platform then use gift cards as required, and it will be appreciatable by Amazon.

4. High Number Orders

On a new Amazon account, if you exceed the normal range of orders in minimal time, it will be suspicious. An increase in orders in a minimal period on a new account is considered fraud.

To avoid this situation, limit your orders under 30 drops per day will be the right decision. If you get block before then, restrict your orders under 15 per day.

Amazon is a big platform, and it keeps an eye on everyone with one rule for all. It has anti-fraud and other security alarms that trigger on specific activities and will closely monitor for some time.

After that, they will suspend the guilty account by freezing the store and locked it completely. So know that if you lay low on the platform and make your account full proof will overcome these risks.

5. High Volume Orders

It is another suspicious activity for Amazon account that it places high volume orders per day or in minimal time of new understanding. On a new account, the first thing you can do to limit your daily charges revenue below 250 dollars.

Activities like these also caught by Amazon anti-fraud system that works to balance the system. It may sound unfair, but it could be the reason for your Amazon account suspension.

6. Different Location IP

If you login to Amazon Account from a different location unmatches with your last site by any means, it will be considered suspicious activity.

Nowadays, it is straightforward to find someone address with an IP Address. If you use any VPN or service that changes your virtual location and you use that to access your account.

It could lead you to your account suspension or blocking. Amazon security will trigger and report account stolen for your safety and platform safety; they will turn off all your account activities and block the account.

It is recoverable with contact and verification of the account. You have to contact the Amazon customer service to verify your account and define such activity.

Quick Recovery of Amazon Locked Account

If your Amazon account is temporarily locked or froze. There are chances that they enable certain recovery features on your account for verification. Different countries and states have various Amazon specialists, so there are differences in the account verification system.

United States users are allowed to communicate with Amazon specialists when their Account is blocked. But not all users have such features. When the Amazon account is unlocked and asks for verification, then follow these steps to activate the account and all its activities fully.

This process is when your Amazon account showed the Add document button for verification. It allows you to upload documents to the Amazon account specialists who handle your account.

  • Open your dispatch email/ account connected email.
  • Find your last dispatch order with a confirmation email.
  • Use this link to get access to your account.
  • There show all the instructions you should follow to recover your account.
  • From the product page, try to buy anything.
  • It shows an error message.
  • “Your account is on hold and is locked.”
  • Now you have to click on the Add document button.
  • And upload all your required documents.

Amazon Account Verification Documents

Amazon Account Verification Documents

  • If case your Amazon account is locked with suspicious activity.
  • Your documents consist of real information about your account.
  • Bank statement of Credit Card or Debit Card with details.
  • Attach Account Serial Number and Shipping address.
  • It also requires your house bill internet bill or electric bill in case of evidence requirement of location.
  • For account has an Amazon gift card locked.
  • It could be the reason for over usage of Gift cards.
  • You have to attach your Gift Card receipt for details.

Unblocking Amazon Account

Here is a way of recovering a locked Amazon Account that is already suspended and did not show any button for document verification. Such an account is only recoverable through Amazon Specialist. There are three ways to contact an Amazon Specialist and request to unlock your Amazon account.

  • Through Phone
  • Email
  • Through Support Chat

1. Connect with Amazon Specialist through Phone Call:

  • Call +1 (206)-266-2992 to communicate with Amazon Account Specialists for Assistance. At first, your call direct to answering machine that announces different contact and support options.
  • Select the option with Support for Prime Members. Then talk with Amazon superior who has the authority to unlock accounts. You have to define your account situation and provide the necessary details.
  • Convince him by explaining your details with simple language and ask to review your situation. Tell him that you made a mistake and please him to recover your account.

2. Connect with Amazon Specialist through Email:

You can Email Amazon and communicate with an authority member to unlock your account. There are three prior ways of Email to Amazon.

1. Contact to Amazon Account Specialist with Dispatch Email:

When Amazon freezes or blocking an account, it will send users an email mention reason for account blockage. You can access this email by opening your Account Email.

The message should look like this “Your account has been locked, and you cannot access it for the following reason”.

You can reply to that email and directly communicate with the authorities. If there is a request for verification details, you have to fulfil such a requirement by uploading your documents to unlock your account.

2. Contact to CEO Office through Email:

Amazon has a direct email address connected with CEO special team that handles high profile cases. They have high authority fro handling situations faster. Email to [email protected] for contacting the CEO team.

Please include your account details with proper layout and send it to this email. The information helps them to understand your situation and reason for locking your account.

3. Use Amazon Portal to Email

Sadly this feature is only available for US users only. You have to contact a third party user to recover your account. US users can take advantage of this feature and unlock their accounts by following steps.

FA you are sending mail directly to Amazon authorities via Amazon portal. Include legit information of your account that includes your name, email address, account serial number. You can follow our easy procedure of and easy to follow.

  • First, join the Amazon Portal to communicate.
  • Then in the Account sign-in form, click on Help or Need help icon.
  • It will display some help options for assistance.
  • Choose other issues and sign-in.
  • If any case the help doest display other options.
  • Click the option “cannot sign in to my account”.
  • It will prompt you to email Amazon directly.
  • You can write a decent mail for your account.
  • Ask for regain access to your gift card balance.
  • Or anything that can access you to account but does not look suspicious.
  • Then attach your billing address of last order and the recipient.
  • This approach makes it look like legit discussions and restore your account.