How to approve iPhone from PC Windows

How to approve iPhone from PC
How to approve iPhone from PC

When you log in to the same iCloud on your new iPhone, you will immediately askd to verify your identity and how to approve iPhone from PC, Mac, Windows computer, or any other iOS device on iCloud. We will guide in our simple tutorial to help you oput with this issue. If you were already using an iOS device like iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it will be straightforward. If so, then don’t worry. There are many different ways to Approve iPhone effortlessly.

How to approve iPhone from PC

To approve iPhone using PC is against the “Apple ID.” Know that; there are various techniques you can use to approve the iPhone from PC. Approving an iPhone from Pc windows is simple to follow steps as we mention for you.

How to approve the iPhone from PC is a common question asked by many peoples. Here we show you different methods for approval in a simple way. If you follow our steps, you are going to approve your iPhone from your PC quickly.

Don’t worry about your data; there is no data loss while logged into other iPhone devices. Approving an iPhone from Pc windows is simple to follow steps as we mention for you.

Here you find different solutions for this problem. But first, you have to know about the background of Apple’s approval security feature error.

You can approve your iPhone device by following the methods mentioned below. One of the most popular mistakes when we ask iCloud for supporting the device.

Apple is very responsive about its product security and features Two-step verification on all its devices. For your data safety signing the same iCloud on new iOS could be a headache.

Reason for Approve the iOS from another device on iCloud

Apple is a very famous smart technology company known for its revolutionary technologies. From the beginning, company ideology is about consumer’s needs, that is, a new technology, innovation, security, and revolutionary premium design. That becomes the core reason for the success of Apple.

The tech giant is evolving with time and also becomes very concerned about consumer’s privacy. It could be the reason for expanding the whole Apple ecosystem for better user development. They continuously improve their iOS device’s security features like iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macbooks, etc.

This development feature gets annoying for some consumers. Either they are new to iOS or something else. In recent years the company manufactures some complicated products and introduces weird features that annoy consumers very much.

One of which is the two-step verification that locks your own iPhone if you update the software. Unless you are using iCloud on your secondary device, the iPhone OS will not disturb you. Not only iPhone but any of other iOS devices with the latest version might ask for your approval. iOS from Mac, PC, or any other machine on iCloud is the only way to approve the iPhone.

How to approve the iPhone from another iCloud device

That is the question you are interested in for a whole time. Now, this message or error is not only happening with brand new iPhones but also occurs with the new iPads, iPhones, iWatches, or other iOS devices.

Having another Apple device is a straightforward approach for approving Apple iPhone. When you log in, your ID on a new iPhone device with an old iCloud ID gets security errors.

The reason you get the notification for approval. When this happens, iCloud automatically sends a six-digit code to the assigned Account for you to approve your device.

To activate it, you need to access your old iCloud from the other Apple device. It is pretty simple straight follow our steps, and your new iPhone will become an approved iPhone in minutes.

Steps for how to approve the iPhone from the iCloud device

  • Log in your Apple ID from another iOS device (probably your old Apple device)
  • Use this device to allow access to the new iPhone.
  • Verify the new device by entering the six-digit code.
  • Now finish the operation with the completion of signing your ID.

How to approve iPhone from Mac PC

Those who have Apple Macbook or Mac PC can use mac system to approve their iPhone by turning off iCloud Keychain. Usually, the first method works for you; there is no need to go through these steps.

By Turning Off Authentication

First, you have to go to your iPhone settings and find two-step authentication and turn it off. The option is for extra security nothing harms to approve the iPhone given below.

Find the Option Tab

The very first step for you to cancel the “approve this iPhone” option. To skip the approval notification screen, press the cancel option.

From Settings

By skipping the approval notification, you will be able to access the settings. In the settings of your iPhone and find Apple ID. Then go to the Password and Security tab and see Two-Factor Authentication.

Reset your ID Authentication

In the option, you have to turn off the two-factor authentication. Know that at the same time, you must reset the iCloud and iTunes accounts passwords for your approval. No worries about data loss. You receive an email about authentication. You must click on the link to close the process.

Switch Off Method

After this process, from your iPhone’s settings, retry the approval option showing a red flag. It will work, and your device will automatically approve with your iCloud.

How to approve iPhone from PC, Mac, Windows

In case you don’t have any other iCloud device and want to approve your iPhone. It is also a typical genre having an iPhone with a PC or laptop with windows.

The reason for Apple ID approval is straightforward; they are very conscious about product security. When we ask iCloud for approving Apple is taking full responsibility.

For that, they make sure your data is safe, and that’s why even when you buy a new iPad or iPhone, sign in to the same iCloud. It will ask you to approve it.

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Methods to approve the iPhone from PC / Mac:

To Approve iPhone by Turning Off iCloud Keychain. The way to approve your iOS device is to turn off the iCloud Keychain. You can do that by following the steps mentioned below.

Cancel First

In the first step, you need to cancel the screen with an approval notice. You can do that by pressing the cancel option.

Visit iPhone Settings

In the settings, you will find the Apple ID tab. Here on the screen tab, you have to close the iCloud Keychain.

Restart the Device

Now restart your device to complete the process. You can renew the iPhone by first turning it off and then power it on.

Keychain Option

From the settings of your, iPhone again checks the Apple ID tab. Click on Apple ID and then iCloud. Here you find the iCloud Keychain option.

Approve the iPhone

Now, you can approve the iPhone from Windows using Apple iCloud. The notification message will no longer appear on the screen.

Approve the iPhone by Verification Code Method

Approve iPhone

Another way of approving the iPhone is by verification code. The procedure requires a verification code to register the iPhone. If the above methods doest work for you, this easy method will works.

The Code

First, cancel the approval screen and then go to settings of the iPhone and then Apple ID. Here find Keychain settings.

Keychain Advance

In the keychain advance settings, you will see an option saying approve with security code.  Turn on this option, and it will show your phone number to send the code.

Get the Code

From the number, you will get a verification code. Now go back to your device that is your new iPhone, and put the code to approve. After that, the approval screen will vanish, and your device will be approved.


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