Canon TS6020 Drivers Download Best Wireless PIXMA Inkjet Printer 2021

Canon TS6020 Drivers
Canon TS6020 Drivers

Canon TS6020 Drivers PIXMA is a compact all in one inkjet printer with a wireless connection that makes scanning and copying a lot easier. It works fast and delivers excellent high-quality graphics images with vibrant colors. New Canon TS6020 drivers come with improvements for a better user experience. You will learn how to install Canon TS6020 drivers and download macOS and Windows drivers.

Canon TS6020 Drivers

It has been a long time when we use single-function printers that only perform one task like scanning or printing. For anything else such as color print, black, and white, double side print, fax, copy, multi-page copy like function requires separate machines to perform the tasks.

Nowadays, there are multipurpose printers that come with the specialty of performing all in one task. They have different specifications for different kinds of use. Do so much more than traditional printing or copying; they can scan, perform color prints, and photocopy both sides Wirelessly.

Many multipurpose all one printer out there, may or may not identical in specs with Canon TS6020. But the thing is Canon TS6020 setup is from a high spec feature line of printers from Canon. The brand is known for manufacturing well build high-quality electronics at an affordable range.

The Pixma is their best Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer you can get for around $150. But it has some perks and cons that you find in detail. It weighs approximately 13.7 pounds and 14.7 by 12.5 inches in diameter. Very much close to the last-gen TS model TS5020.

The front control panel has a 3-inch touch LCD for direct input command. Which also has six function keys. You can use these keys for performing different functions like color print, black and white print, and a couple of other things.

The control functions lack buttons, and the command is not always functional from the touch screen display. Which is, by the way, are completely hidden when it is off. It has two letter-size paper trays for two media types. You can use it for any function of choice.

The functionality is excellent but lacks in few things like the touch screen is not much responsive. Another thing is the on-screen menu could not perform color print or black and white on its own. But the bootup time is respectable at five seconds from a push of the power button.

The good thing is you can use the printer via USB cable and through Wi-Fi. While for direct input from a USB Pendrive or an SD, the USB input port and SD slot are also absent in this printer.

Average Print Speed and Performance

In terms of paper printing speed, the Canon TS6020 is a high-speed printer. Indeed printing text-only documents beat the Pixma MG3620 printer by 9.8 pages per minute that counts as 3.5 ppm.

Compared with other brands, the EPSON WF 2760 printer is almost the same speed as the TS6020 setup. 30.2 second takes for printing a text document of five pages. While in the competition, Canon TS6020 takes 30.7 seconds for the same document prints.

canon ts6020 printer ink is using

It can stack up to 100 8.5 x 11 paper sheets and up to 20 high-resolution gloss photo paper sheets. Performance-wise it is pretty good for a mid-range all-in-one printer in such a compact size.

Colour Print Speed and Quality

Colour prints are pretty good, but printing speed in color prints is not much in terms of multi-paper sheets performance. Photo prints are way slow and took about 20 seconds for a single sheet of the photo card. It can be fast if you print simple graphics and designs with fewer shapes.

Canon uses the same high-quality inkjet for this printer, and the results are fantastic. The Graphics had a lot of detail, clean and smooth edges with very comfortable color saturations.

The color print quality from the TS6020 is high and comparative with top expensive printers. While the absence of an automatic document feeder makes it less appealing, and it uses five inks for color and graphic printing rather than six.

Canon TS6020 Edible Printer Drivers Role

Printers are now evolving and are very productive and smarter than previous generations. They perform high-speed print flow with a speed count of ppm. They overcame the basic functionality of being a printer and just used digital data like text and graphics and turned them into a printed media form.

Not a high end but affordable printers now equipped with advanced multi-function systems runs on software that adds plenty of functionalities for further enhance user experience. Canon did the same and deliver us a compact all in one inkjet printer. It can smartly perform office work for your ease.

Canon TS6020 Setup is compatible with editors and writer professionals as a daily drive printer. You can use the canon ts6020 printer app on your mobile phone and print wirelessly using Wi-Fi. It is customizable according to user needs and able to communicate wirelessly without touching the printer.

Canon TS6020 Printer Ink Usage

The ink usage in Canon TS6020 is very economical. Canon’s advertised this printer as a low cost all one colour printer for the price. It has 5 ink tanks and uses pigment black ink and dye black for plain-paper printing.

The usage cost of dye ink for 4 x 6-inch glossy photo prints will get be around 376 prints and cost 4.1 cents. And for monochrome, it cost 4 cents, and for colour, it cost 12.7 cents.

TS6020 also uses the highest-yield standard CMYK ink yield cartridges for price savings.  Due to the fact of only five cartages, it fits more ink per cartridge.

Advantages of having All in One Printer

Different printers perform various functions like digital printers used for paper printing, 3D printers used for real-world printing applications, whether industrial or personal. They are capable of transforming input material into a much more intricate design.

As a paper printer with all-in-one functionality is an excellent choice for home and office use. Being able to print wirelessly is possible with the growth in technology. The Canon ts6020 printer app was quickly found on Google Appstore.

Wi-Fi functionality lets you connect with your printer from your smartphone and print colour photos and a ton of documents without connecting a wire. It provides direct communication between your phone and printer software. Here are some advantages and uses of Printers.


It is a type of printing in which printers used to print like a stamping. The process has different methods and requires a raised surface, similar to a rubber stamp, to apply a print on the surface of paper or anything. In contrast, ink uses on the raised surface, which is later pressed directly against the paper and transfer the image. It is for printing books, posters, letterheads, newspapers, and business cards.

Digital Prints

In digital printing, printers are used to print large graphical images. Digital files like jpg, png, xcf, cdr, and many other formats like pdf are useable on the digital printing press to print. Digital printers can print on paper, canvas, photo paper, fabric sheets, cardstock, and other substrates or synthetics. This process is widely used by inkjet and laser printers for printing digital images on paper, film, cloth, plastic, etc.


It is a type of printing that involved a roll-feed web for printing on any flexible material—mainly used for printing high volumes of labels and bulk packaging. It can be print on paper, paperboard, photo paper, and various foils and films. It works with photopolymer plates and can colour images on bottle wraps, packets, wallpapers, and gift wraps.

Screen Prints

It is a type of printing in which printers print graphics on t-shirts and clothing, shopping bags. It is a very demanding type of printing and has a unique printing graphics method on t-shirts, hats, bags, ceramics, etc. Printers use thick yield ink that lay on top of the shirt or hats and doesn’t absorb or soak into fabrics. Companies and firms use this type of printing that is in the business of textiles. In screen printing, printers can print on the surface of wood, ceramics, paper, metal, and polyethylene.

Offset Prints

It is a commercial printing process in which printers print on different material surfaces and then print on concrete surfaces. The method includes the repulsion of oil and water, with the offset printing technique on a flat image. It is commonly used for ink image transformation from a rubber plate to any material like paper or blanket. Then it combines with the help of the lithographic process, which is base on the offset technique. It also includes desktop publishing on paper and any material surface.

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It is a type of printing in which printers use to print wallpapers, gift wraps, covers, templates, greeting cards, and magazines. The process includes a rotatory printing press, which is also used for flexography and offset printing. It uses an acid-etched on a metal cylinder’s surface, which engraves the cylinder’s image then moves to the actual cover for making prints.

How Canon TS6020 Install Driver?

You can download both Operating System drivers from the link. It includes macOS and Windows drivers for Canon TS6020 Printer with proper instructions.

  • Double click on the driver’s set up to run that you downloaded.
  • If you have a disk image, you can mount the disk first and then run the setup.
  • If you have a zip file, then unzip first and then begin the process.
  • The installer will pop up and show instructions for driver installation.
  • Agree to the usage agreement and select the installation destination.
  • Enter the Admin and password for software approval if needed.
  • Then continue the installation process and then click on the install drivers button.
  • It will automatically install on your PC, and a completion message shown on the screen.

Download Canon TS6020 Drivers

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