Bijoy Bayanno Free Download For PC & Mac 2021 full Version with Activation Key

Bijoy Bayanno
Bijoy Bayanno

Download Bijoy Bayanno for free with Serial Key 2020. In this new high tech digital world, Mobile Phones and PC,s are our daily life buddies. In 20 Century, most of our work is now digital from office to college. And we have to type daily in our Mobiles to PC, but in different countries, people speak other languages, and they prefer to get messages in their local/national language.

There are many keyboards software for this purpose, but for our Bangla friends, Bijoy Bayanno is ultimate and one of the most successful tools. Thousands of students and office workers use this software daily and now can also do the same. This keyboard supports both English and Bangla language.

This software has millions of downloads, and there is no other competitor to this tool because of its simplicity. Easy to install low space and dual language support. English software is the most popular program language easily understood by anyone on the planet. So you can choose between these two languages and font easily with a click of a button.

Bijoy Bayanno

There are Thousand of different language support keyboards software from paid to free. But for Bangla speakers, there are very few or non. But in 2020, you can get a pro-quality Bangla and English support easy, simple, modern font and elegant keyboard computer software which you can use on your PC Windows from XP to 7 or 10 easily.

Bijoy Bayanno can easily change between Unicode to Non-Unicode and ANSI. That is amazing and makes this software one of the best. Before this, there is nothing online which Bangla people use to write online. They have just international keyboards in their PCS, which came standard with Windows or Mac etc.

But now they can write blogs, assignments or do anything from office work on their PC and then print it and look more professional. Before this software, it is tough to write on the internet with Unicode and different types, but now anyone can easily install and register for free.

This Bijoy keyboard is one of the most potent Bangla authority software used by a lot of peoples from Bangladesh, India Kolkata, and Bangla people from all around the globe.

The best part is the installation, and the usage is entirely offline, no need to connect the internet all the time.


Mustafa Jabbar

Now you should also know about the legend behind this successful tool. Who build this tool and made it free for the Bangla speakers. So they can be benefited from this software. Mustafa Jabbar a well-known Bangladeshi IT personality. They were currently working in a Government IT department and a Successful Businessman.

Bijoy Bayanno Features

There are so many features that we can discuss, like how many people benefitted from the Bijoy keyboard. It is our main focus and will be on the Main highlights.

  • Most comfortable Bangla Software Interface, anyone, can use this tool.
  • Official Bangla mode, and you can easily switch between modes with a single tap.
  • This software won many awards in Bangladesh IT seminars and Competitions.
  • Bangla supported the keyboard with a key-Mapping System, which will allow you to understand it fully.

System Requirements

This software does not require any big PC rig. You can easily install this on Core2 duo. Now in 2020, I am 100% sure at least you have a 2GB laptop or PC system with you. That can run this software like a charm don,t worry about PC requirements. But still, general requirements to download Bijoy banyan no.

  • Windows XP or 7, 8, or 10.
  • Ram least available 2GB.
  • The storage required is 100MB at least for installation.
  • Processing power requires a dual-core CPU.
  • That,s all.

Download Bijoy Bayanno for PC Free

To download Bijoy banyan no for pc is not rocket science. Gently click on the download button, to go to the download page from there you need to download the software on your PC. Again you can use this on any Window as well as 32bit or 64bit does not matter. We did not use any funnels to misguide you; the process is straightforward. Now download Bijoy banyan no and read the complete guide. Don,t forget to read it completely; otherwise, you will face some errors in download if you are not a pro.

Installation Bijoy Bayanno

You were installing the Bijoy Bayanno keyboard on your system. You have to follow the installation guide of the software properly. Don,t worry. We will guide you about every single aspect. The process starts with the downloaded file which you have already downloaded to your PC.

  • Locate the downloaded file in your PC better to be made a new Folder for that.
  • Now its time to extract the file you can use WinRAR software if it is already not installed in your PC. Handy software, you must have that.
  • Now you have extracted the file and open the new folder which has been shown and locate the file name ends with .exe. Enjoy our leading software, which we have successfully distributed for you.
  • Open the .exe file, and it will show you this image.
  • Bijoy Bayanno
  • Now choose according to your PC specs.
  • For Windows, it is all the same.
  • Just look at these images and follow only as that.
  • Bijoy Bayanno
  • Bijoy Bayanno
  • Bijoy Bayanno
  • Now close that window, and the software from background clear everything. Congratulation, you have successfully installed tools on your PC.
  • Now click on the start menu, and it will show you the latest installed software open the Bijoy Bayanno, and it will pop up a window asking for a key.
  • Don,t worry, we will also provide you with a valid key to follow the guide.

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Bijoy Bayanno Activation Key 2020

We have already added the Activation key in the main file, which you have downloaded and extracted successfully. Open the Activation text code file and copy-paste the key. The popup you see will get a success message shown on your computer screen, and the software’s main home window will open. Now you can enjoy the tool free of cost. Don,t forget to share the defend pc website with your family and friends as we provide all kinds of fantastic software and fun things.

                                              Activation Key:  RN28-T29S-K1XM-J6XY-LK24

How to use Bijoy Keyboard

  • Press Shift + Alt + B to activate the keyboard.
  • You can choose any Bangla Font of your choice from the given.
  • Now, if you want to use the default keyboard of English, this is simple and easy just again press Shift + Alt + B, and you will get a default English Keyboard Simple.

Bijoy Byanao Bangla Typing Latest Sheet  pdf 2020

Congratulation you have finally download bijoy bayanno one of the best typing software for bangla language. You can write in different fonts as well as change the language from Bangla to English anytime easily. We have also Provided you the Serial Key download and Fonts Pdf files to download. A complete set to start you work from your own PC today. Please down,t forget to share this website on facebook etc. It will give us some more beautiful and nice visitors like you. Thank you and if you need any other software Please don,t hesitate and contact us.

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